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I extend a warm welcome to you, our valued clients. I want to thank you for visiting the website for Jeon Kook Machinery Company.
A specialist company for robotic automation, Jeon Kook Machinery displayed much pioneering spirit early on especially as the first company in Korea to engage in the business of creating new modes of utilizing used robots. Our company prides on standing at the forefront of supplying used robots to manufacturing companies, which in turn prudently and efficiently employ them to build automated factory systems to enhance output.
One of our company’s primary responsibilities is to provide preventative maintenance in order to ensure the best possible operative system for used robots and to be prepared at all times to supply them to our clients. This enables us to rapidly respond to the clients’ needs and whenever they propose a plan to incorporate used robots into their factory.

Based on our rich experience servicing robots, we are able to secure the safety of robotic performance by carrying out precision inspection of the manipulator and controller and replacement of parts when necessary.
 Moreover, we keep in stock a wide range of parts for the robots and possess a system that allows us to repair the parts for the manipulator and controller. As such, we are able to provide customer support for an extended length of time.
We have in stock robots which can be applied in a variety of areas, and they include arc welding robots, spot welding robots, handling robots, press handling robots, sealing robots, painting robots, and palettizing robots, which are made up of such brands as YASKAWA, NACHI, FANUC, KAWASAKI, PANASONIC, OTC DAIHEN, MITSUBISHI, ABB, KUKA, REIS, and FUJI.

Robots can be utilized in many different ways and in the fields that pose danger to humans, that require precision, or that demand the securing of cost competitiveness. Such fields include welding, handling, cutting (laser, plasma, and water jet), trimming, de-burring, polishing, sanding, painting/spray coating, machining, assembling, casting, forging, distribution, packaging, and food processing.
Building on our capabilities that have accumulated over the course of the company’s long history, we promise to make a valuable contribution toward your efforts to build a successful business by providing a comprehensive solution for robotic automation. In the future, our company will continue to invest its best efforts to provide any assistance necessary to help all manufacturing businesses to secure a promising future by maximizing productivity via the use of robots.

Thank you.


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